My name is Dd;

I’m short and I dance funny.

Plight of the Clergy

How can churches save souls if they turn off the very people that they hope to save?

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Black Elk, Weird Science, and Pope John Paul II

Hunger, sleep deprivation, and a bit of prayer led me to find connections between seemingly unrelated persons, ideas, and what not. Geez, I love JPII; may he rest in peace.

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Interpretation of “Richard Cory”

I like surprise endings... or maybe not? OK, only when they're actually surprising and shockingly horrifying. Which begs the question, am I that desensitized already?

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The Poetic Smart-Ass

What do Robert Frost, Yoda, and Dd have in common? They're all weird.

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The Defiant Introvert

One of my top favorite poets, Emily Dickinson tickles my fancy with unconventional techniques that totally challenged the norms of her time. Rock on!

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Scan to Email Problems on Bizhub c224e

Pulling an all-nighter troubleshooting network connectivity issues etc on the office copier.

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Student Question: Files in Left Panel Not Draggable

I was surfing the student question thinghy on Treehouse and one question went like this: “I uploaded the images without trouble, but when I try to drag them into the Img folder as instructed, clicking and dragging doesn’t seem to do anything.” So I replied, I am quite SURE I am READING this WRONG but I […]

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Ethics & Morality

Me, failing to resist the temptation to verbally vomit... yet again.

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Resolutions Suck, Usually.

In my humble opinion, resolutions brought upon by a new year are almost always counterproductive. Hence, I will resolve to do one and one thing only.

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