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  • Open to Work

    Currently looking for a data science manager or a machine learning engineer role. Open to remote work or on-site in the vicinity of San Antonio, Texas. Drop me a line if you’ve got something in mind.

  • Go viral or not?

    I used, XGBoost to analyze the Online News Popularity Data and predict the popularity of online news articles. The aim is to construct a model and extract feature importance. The research question is as follows: Can gradient boosting be constructed based solely on the research data?

  • Texas Public Schools Effectiveness Study

    An exploratory data analysis of financial (PEIMS) and performance data (STAAR). Study with a focus on diversity. I used XGBoost and SHAP to extract feature importance.

got my resume?

“I witnessed first hand how she manages to inspire and energize everyone around her. Her leadership style is only matched by her skillful ability to leverage technology to solve problems. Furthermore, once she sets her mind to something, she becomes an unstoppable force who at the same time is not afraid to ask for help.” – Genevieve R.